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Your clients may not always be moving within the confines of the city of Winnipeg. As they move to other cities or towns, you want to ensure they are receiving comparable service to your own. The RE/MAX referral network is the most successful and profitable in the industry. Client referrals go from top producer to top producer and a strong national presence creates this opportunity. Referrals are a major source of additional revenue for RE/MAX associates.

The most direct source of referral contacts is the annual RE/MAX Convention and/or Awards Conference, which enable associates to meet each other in person, exchange business cards, and distribute personal promotion materials. Where personal contact leaves off, the RE/MAX Referral Roster begins. It provides information on all the associates in the RE/MAX system.

The same commitment that has made RE/MAX Canada's number one real estate organization is now making RE/MAX International Relocation Services a top choice among Canada's premier corporations. They currently have contracts with many of Canada's major corporations, including a number of large Manitoba companies. RE/MAX Relocation offers your client a wide range of services on corporate, group and individual moves.

Corporate Connection Program

To generate more listings and referrals for RE/MAX associates while enlarging its own client base throughout the world, RE/MAX Relocation introduced The Corporate Connection Program. The objective of the Corporate Connection Program is to help RE/MAX sales associates develop and retain corporate relocation business through a joint marketing effort with RE/MAX Relocation. The RE/MAX sales associate provides the influence of their relationship with the decision-maker at the Corporation and RE/MAX Relocation provides the relocation management programs and expertise needed to secure and manage the corporate relocation business for the Corporation.

The Corporate Connection Program provides you with the following benefits:

  • an opportunity to increase income through commissions and Corporate Connection Program referral fee payments;
  • an expanded base for referrals of employees of the Corporation who are transferred into or out of the sales associates' service area;
  • provides a system through which you can increase your relocation business.