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The RE/MAX Network has grown each and every month in its 40 year plus history. The most dramatic growth is during down markets when agents realize the importance of being in full control of their business and being surrounded by fellow professionals.

Premier Market Presence
Growth leads to increased market share, which leads to even greater growth, the two spiraling upward together. All RE/MAX associates benefit from growth as each new associate joins and this translates to:

  • More advertising
  • More referrals
  • More yard signs
  • Stronger RE/MAX presence in the community
  • More income
  • Greater overall synergy
All of these make it easier for the new associate to succeed.

At RE/MAX our goal is to achieve Premium Market Presence. RE/MAX synergy, momentum, leadership and market strength are all summed up in PMP, which is comprised of five areas:

  • Premier Quality professionals
  • Premier Brand Name Awareness
  • Premier Customer Satisfaction
  • Premier Community Citizenship
  • Premier Market Share
The interaction of the first four results in the fifth. Community-minded, top-producing associates giving excellent customer service under a respected company banner adds up to leading market share. That market share attracts more top producers due to:
  • Enhanced public image
  • Greater ease in acquiring listings
  • Higher level of walk-in or call-in business
  • More commission income