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An unrivaled portfolio of professional services sets us apart!

One distinguishing characteristic of the ideal real estate office is to have extraordinary service capabilities. We pride ourselves in being able to offer an unrivaled portfolio of services for you to take advantage of. Because we focus on you as a client, we constantly monitor your needs as a real estate professional. Our services allow you the time to expand your business or increase time spent on recreation and family.

We offer more standard services than any competitor, and these services set us apart:

Business Planning Assistance - we encourage you to treat your career as a business and help you prepare comprehensive real estate business plans. We show you what goes into them, how they are structured, and questions to ask. We believe a solid business plan is a prerequisite to take your business to the next level and we'll work with you to achieve it. They are a valuable tool for self-motivation and can also be used in personal financing.

Many of our sales associates structure their business along lines advocated by the real estate industry's top trainers. We can assist you in planning with the system of your choice Richard Robins, Brian Buffini, RE/MAX University®, RE/MAX main street®, etc.

Financial Assistance - we offer a customized Commission Advance Program set up within our company, which enables you to draw on finalized commissions.

Personal Marketing Department

Continuous Client Contact Program - the objective is to enable you to build and maintain long term relationships with your past, present, and prospective clients through professional, consistent and personalized contact, with a minimum of effort on your part. The creative, attractive and informative material sent out is designed to look as if it comes directly from you, not part of a mass mail program. For this reason, we have invested in high tech equipment to put the address directly on the envelopes rather than on a label. Regular contact improves customer relations, resulting in repeat business and referrals. This user pay service is a big hit with our present Sales Associates as it is hands on and has a proven track record. Again - a systematic approach at a very reasonable cost. Our "Agent Marketing Services" includes a dedicated marketing administrator and two full-time graphic designers, using the latest current folding and printing technology. Our commitment is evidenced by a Broker initial investment in state of the art equipment valued at over $250,000.00.

Flyer and Postcard Program - A very popular service, this program continues to grow every month! You have a choice of one, two, three, four, or full colour flyers or postcards to aid in personal listings, buyers for the area and more. A picture of the property and the associate may be included. We have a variety of standard formats or templates to choose from or you can design your own. We handle all the printing and distribution. This is a highly effective marketing tool.


When the RE/MAX balloon flies over Winnipeg, everyone notices. Our balloon is part of the most comprehensive advertising program in the real estate industry, promoting the RE/MAX image of experienced, top producing real estate professionals through:

  • the web site
  • Television and radio
  • RE/MAX Balloon Flights
  • Billboards, signs, bus benches
  • Magazine and newspaper ads
  • Classified ads
  • Yellow Pages
  • Brochures and flyers
A combined budget in Canada of over $10 million with over $300,000 spent annually on institutional advertising in Winnipeg alone! While other real estate companies are reducing their advertising expenditures, we continue to maintain ours.

In addition, RE/MAX associates annually average more than $ 5,000 each in personal promotion and on individual and group advertising. Our full colour top producer and annual awards ads in The Winnipeg Free Press provide unparalleled visibility and recognition for our associates. Their signs, bus benches, and variety of promotional items contribute to make RE/MAX professionals the most recognized name in Winnipeg.

RE/MAX associates play an active role in the organization's advertising strategy. The Group Advertising Committee is made up of an elected representative from each office. They use your input to decide where your advertising dollar can be spent most effectively.

Advertising is a big reason why RE/MAX continues to claim a bigger and bigger market share in Winnipeg. A colorful Yellow Pages ad annually brings in numerous leads. Our sales associates are assured of numerous leads each year due to our domination of consumer awareness. These are distributed on rotation - with an open book policy.

We also have two model hot air balloons situated at the Winnipeg International Airport to remind newcomers and Winnipeggers of our presence in the city.


We believe communication is the critical element underlying everything we do. Whether customers and clients are trying to reach you or you are keeping informed of the latest developments in the industry - great communication is a must. We provide you with numerous systems to ensure this vital area of your business is covered.

  • MTS White Page Directory listing of every RE/MAX associate.
  • 1-800 number for out of town clients and incoming referrals.
  • WinnipegREALTORS® paging system. (24 hours)
  • MTS Mobility and Rogers discount programs.
  • Office hours - open Monday-Friday 9-5:00pm to service you and your customers.

    WEB SITE - you can be contacted through our main Winnipeg web site at

    Referral Roster - RE/MAX International publishes the industry's only Referral Roster of sales associates on CD and our Intranet site - RE/MAX. MainStreet

    "Building Your Business" meetings are scheduled to keep you informed of the latest systems and techniques to improve your production.

    "As the Office Turns" our internal newsletter, published weekly keeps you abreast daily of new sales, new listings, as well as reminding you of condition removals and scheduled events.

    A Policy Manual is given to every associate and contains a complete outline of the various policies and procedures we employ to run a very systematic office.

    Market Share Book for over ninety cities and towns across Canada. RE/MAX is #1 in all major markets in Canada, currently a 40% market share.

    Insite Newsletter and Friday Facts from RE/MAX of Western Canada, keeps you informed of area achievements and real estate developments.

    RE/MAX Satellite Network communicates with thousands of associates simultaneously. RSN provides convenient and economical education that eliminates the time and travel expenses involved in the attending of conferences and seminars. RSN programming is listed in the glossy quarterly, RSN Program Guide.


    Believing that the future of both residential and commercial real estate business belongs to those who most effectively use the latest technology, we are vigorously developing innovative programs to increase sales associate's productivity and assure the position of industry leadership.

    MLS Computers MLS workstations for your use, complete with laser printers and colour monitors. We also provide complete computer software including:

    • Home financing software - mortgage calculations, closing expenses, income requirements
    • Microsoft Office - word processing, spreadsheets
    • RE/MAX Office - graphics, sample presentations, market share, office rosters etc.
    RE/MAX web sites are generating referrals for our sales associates! RE/MAX has developed some of the most sophisticated and effective Internet sites for you to review. Visit our web site at RE/MAX is committed to being the leader in Internet services. Your listings are available on 5 different web sites. This will ensure your clients are getting the best service this technology offers and at no cost to you.

    Technical Training Center / On Site Computer Technician - Board room facility complete with overhead enhancement for teaching, training and technical support. Computer courses are offered at a minimal fee for any of our sales associates who wish to upgrade their computer skills. We are the only real estate office with a full time Computer Technician located at our office and is available for all your computer needs-from installation to troubleshooting and repairs, etc.

    RE/MAX University, incredible technology in it's own right, includes a host of programs and software training for beginner, intermediate and advanced sessions.

    Time Management Programs-Client Follow-Up - Agent productivity software, used properly, can offer great rewards in time management and increased business. Our staff is trained to assist you in its use so you can get the most out of systemizing your business. Learn how many of our agents use this customized software featuring MLS connectivity, scheduler, customer data base, integrated email, CMA's, sales manager, marketing design functions, word processor and more.


    We offer the most extensive education and training in real estate today. We hold "Building Your Business" meetings to assist our associates with their business. Individual business planning is also available to help you identify and market to that key niche, retain customers, geographical farm, etc.

    Because your business depends on strong individual performance we offer continuous professional education and training on the RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN). It brings Associates an unending stream of tips and strategies for working more productively and increasing business - drawing on insights from the network's most successful agents, representing every variety of real estate marketplace:

    • Top producers in RE/MAX sharing successful systems and strategies through our exclusive mentoring program as well as panel discussions and interviews
    • Top motivators/trainers giving instruction on Sales/Prospecting techniques, relocation, desktop publishing and financial planning
    • Advanced continuing education programs including buyer agency and relocation
    • Computer training focuses on the latest technological support tools developed by RE/MAX and other high-tech providers serving the real estate industry.
    Our office has DVD training programs for associates to view at their convenience. Many RSN programs are interactive, allowing associates to question presenters during live broadcasts.

    Sample Programs:

    • Targeting the over 55 client
    • Utilizing the Internet in real estate
    • Windows Vista, etc.
    • The kids survival guide to moving
    • Identifying and handling objections
    • Registered Relocation Course (CERC)
    • Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) Course
    Speakers / Trainers / Motivators:

    With the up to date technology, we have best trainers just a few mouse clicks away.

    RE/MAX Conventions and Award Conferences provide opportunities for associates to discover dynamic new business techniques, to learn about the latest trends in residential and commercial real estate and relocation, all while making referral contacts and making new friends.