Commercial Opportunites with REMAX Stafford in Winnipeg

We are proud to offer the RE/MAX system to the top commercial associates in Winnipeg. We continue the tradition already established in the region, and internationally, of providing the highest possible commissions and the most businesslike and professional atmosphere for top commercial associates.

We hope this information will answer your questions about RE/MAX Commercial and the 100% concept. We also hope it will inspire you to think about the way you conduct your real estate business and consider an alternative approach with RE/MAX professionals Commercial Division.

Foundation for Growth
RE/MAX Commercial is linked to a global network of 90,000+ real estate professionals in thousands of independently owned and operated RE/MAX offices. RE/MAX provides global commercial real estate services in more than 90 countries. A growing number of RE/MAX offices in strategic markets throughout the network are exclusively commercial or have commercial divisions. The 100% concept and RE/MAX name are attracting more and more attention by commercial brokers and agents.

Since October 1999, RE/MAX International has expanded its Commercial Division and focused on opening new commercial offices and recruiting commercial specialists. David Liniger, RE/MAX International Co-founder and Chairman, has been head of the division. "I fully expect that RE/MAX, which is unquestionably the leader in residential real estate, will soon be the undisputed leader in commercial real estate as well."

Commercial Broker/Owners joining the RE/MAX system have been pleasantly surprised:

"RE/MAX is such a fantastic system, we're just another system within it - commercial. Watching all the technology that RE/MAX International Chairman and Co-founder Dave Liniger has brought forth, we just applied it to commercial, carried things over." Jerry Ward RE/MAX Commercial - Louisville, KY.

"Anyone who opens a commercial operation within RE/MAX knows he or she is a pioneer. You have to overcome the "I thought RE/MAX was residential" response. If you can get over that in the first 30 seconds, you're on your way." Judy Wetzel-Kullberg RE/MAX Commercial Specialists - Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

""I'd heard about RE/MAX through a few people, I could tell it was different. People on the street don't think of "RE/MAX residential" or "commercial". They think of RE/MAX, period." Richard Juge - New Orleans, La.